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EPIC is proud to be led by The University of Plymouth in developing an eHealth ecosystem and providing business innovation support to small and medium sized enterprises across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

As a champion for health, the University of Plymouth offers the largest range of healthcare study options in the South West. Learning experience is enhanced by state-of-the-art clinical facilities, joined up working and real life placement opportunities across the region.

The University is a proud partner in the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, and has long had strong links with Derriford Hospital, at teaching, consultant and patient level.

At the heart of the University’s work is looking to the future of health and medicine by reflecting on, and celebrating, the medical and technological advancements and the real-world experiences of those at the forefront of patient care.

Digital technologies are shaping the way in which we care for people with life changing health issues, from wearable technology enabling self-management of health conditions, to robotic companionship to alleviate dementia symptoms.

This is why the University has developed projects like EPIC to work directly with patients to form creative digital solutions for lives lived with health conditions. This grass-roots approach brings together those in need of solutions with the digital experts who can pioneer the technology that really match the needs of the patients. All of this, backed with academic expertise from the University and a challenge fund to support innovations.

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