Nurturing an
eHealth ecosystem
for the Future

Growing an eHealth ecosystem across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly means:

  • EPIC is driving outward facing innovation from entrepreneurial eHealth businesses from across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
  • Through EPIC intervention SMEs are co-creating better patient and health care through new ideas and technologies
  • EPIC facilitates networking which forges lasting and meaningful collaborations in our eHealth sector
  • By hothousing businesses through EPIC we expect them to help drive economic growth for our region and the wider UK both now and into the future

Technology can accord for better access to more accurate information, streamline and co-ordinate actions for health and care professionals, but importantly allows individuals to better manage their own health, becoming active participants for planning their own needs.


By bringing together multiple stakeholders, committed to working together, the quality of health and wellbeing of people across the region will be improved; along with effectiveness of healthcare systems and building scope for business opportunities.

Involving clinicians, the health and care workforce, SMEs and academics along with end user groups, commissioners, councils and other professional bodies will enable challenges to be clearly identified with innovative eHealth solutions being developed and implemented to improve patient care and processes.


The South West Interdisciplinary Technology Consortium for Health and Care (SWITCH) is an interdisciplinary cross-sector consortium, including NHS partners, industry partners, health and social care organisations and patient groups, set-up to enable greater connection and collaboration across the South West of England. The SWITCH ecosystem will seek to incubate, accelerate, embed and export innovative technology solutions in health and care, coalescing around internationally-recognised technologies and data standard.

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