Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

Chatterjee A, Strong G, Milne-Ives M, Meinert E, Halkes M & Wyatt-Haines E (2021) ‘The use of video for patient information and education: a scoping review of the variability and effectiveness of interventions’ Patient Education and Counseling , DOI Open access

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16th June, 2021

Aguiar Noury G, Walmsley A, Jones RB & Gaudl SE (2021) ‘The Barriers of the Assistive Robotics Market—What Inhibits Health Innovation?’ Sensors 21, (9) 3111-3111 , DOI

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29th April, 2021

Austin D, Andrade J, May J & Jones R (2020) ‘Delivering digital health: The barriers and facilitators to University-Industry Collaboration’ Health Policy and Technology , DOI Open access

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3rd October, 2020

Bradwell HL, Winnington R, Thill S & Jones RB (2020) ‘Ethical perceptions towards real-world use of companion robots with older people and people with dementia: survey opinions among younger adults’ BMC Geriatrics 20, (1) , DOI Open access

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1st June, 2020

Edwards KJ, Maslin K, Andrade J, Jones RB & Shawe J (2020) ‘mHealth as a primary mode of intervention for women at risk of, or diagnosed with, gestational diabetes’ JBI Evidence Synthesis 19, (3) 660-668 , DOI Open access

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1st June, 2020

Baines R, Tredinnick-Rowe J, Jones R & Chatterjee A (2020) ‘Barriers and Enablers in Implementing Electronic Consultations in Primary Care: Scoping Review’ Journal of Medical Internet Research 22, (11) e19375-e19375 , DOI

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1st June, 2020

Asthana S, Sheaff R, Jones R & Chatterjee A (2020) ‘eHealth technologies and the know-do gap: exploring the role of knowledge mobilisation’ Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice 16, (4) 687-701 , DOI Open access

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27th February, 2020

Maramba I, Chatterjee A & Newman C (2019) ‘Methods of Usability Testing in the Development of eHealth Applications: A Scoping Review’ International Journal of Medical Informatics Author Site , DOI Open access

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1st June, 2019

Asthana S, Jones R & Sheaff W (2019) ‘Why does the NHS struggle to adopt eHealth innovations? A review of macro, meso and micro factors’ BMC Health Services Research , DOI Open access

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1st June, 2019

Bradwell HL, Edwards KJ, Winnington R, Thill S & Jones RB (2019) ‘Companion robots for older people: importance of user-centred design demonstrated through observations and focus groups comparing preferences of older people and roboticists in South West England’ BMJ Open 9, (9) , DOI Open access

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1st June, 2019

Aguiar Noury G, Bradwell H, Thill S & Jones R (2019) ‘User-defined challenges and desiderata for robotics and autonomous systems in health and social care settings’ Advanced Robotics 33, (7-8) 309-324 , DOI Open access

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5th April, 2019

Jones R, Asthana S, Walmsley A, Sheaff R, Andrade J, May J & Chatterjee A (2019) Developing the eHealth sector in Cornwall. Plymouth, UK University of Plymouth Open access

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1st April, 2019