Did you know that 5 million health apps are downloaded each day?

Give your app the best chance for success by ensuring that your app meets regulations, gains trust and is suitable for commission by health and care markets.

ORCHA is the world leader in digital health accreditation. EPIC have partnered with ORCHA to offer you fully-funded support for your development to ensure you know:

  • Which standards and regulations are relevant to your innovation
  • How to achieve and retain compliance relevant in your area, such as DTAC
  • Vital information and market insights to maximise your growth plans
  • How to capitalise on your new knowledge

If you would like to find out more about ORCHA, visit their website or request their support today.

ORCHA Questionnaire
What stage of development is your digital health solution?
I would like help to understand the current market landscape for my idea
I need some specific information about my product and have a targeted question
I have a digital health solution on the market and want to know whether I can get an ORCHA trusted badge to support commissioning before promoting it
I would like market insights related to the product I am developing
I have had a review of my product and I want to get some help to improve my score