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Student internship programme

Using future workforce talent to drive your business forward, today!

EPIC has set up a scheme for work-based internships, open to University of Plymouth students from all disciplines. The scheme not only affords the opportunity for students to gain practical work experience but also helps businesses work towards specific goals that can help them develop, refine or deliver their eHealth products or services.

As part of our commitment to helping you deliver your eHealth solution, we can support you to host an intern to utilise their skills.

The scheme takes care of contractual legalities and insurance cover, as well as helping you through the recruitment and interview process, so you can focus on setting the perfect plan for your intern to follow.

Perhaps you would like help from our computer science students on beta testing, or maybe you would benefit from the keen eye of one of our final year digital marketing students to help launch your product website?

The intern will work with you towards an agreed and bespoke brief, and will be employed for between one and twelve weeks, either remotely or within your own facilities.

The scheme benefits our students by offering the opportunity for them to gain practical work experience, in real world environments, and ensures that students are treated and paid fairly – whilst you benefit from the extra staff to support your existing team.

A dedicated team at the University of Plymouth will provide assistance, including helping you to select the best candidate from the pool of students who may apply to help drive your business forward. EPIC pledges up to 50% of the students wages too, making it an affordable choice for your business.

Contact our team to discuss your internship opportunity today!