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EPIC provides a bridge to the academic world so that ideas can be developed into reality. We will provide the support to ensure that innovations have the evidence and academic rigour that they work. If you have an idea for a product or service that addresses an issue in health and care, in order to successfully take it to market, you will need to make sure that you can support your claims with evidence of efficacy.

The type of support we offer

We provide a range of support that is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual business.

  • 12 hours of academic support to boost your innovation
  • The Challenge Fund providing grants from £4K to £27K
  • Funded intervention with the digital and health testbed
  • Undergraduate and graduate student internships
  • Access to the EPICentre facilities
  • Long-term links to the University of Plymouth
  • Becoming part of our vast network, connecting to other eHealth ecosystems via SWITCH and linking with valuable stakeholders
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Epic Communities

EPIC are proud to be part of the ERDF suite of programmes within Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly which support innovation and help businesses to thrive in our region.

Our support offer is tailored towards the development of eHealth products and services, working closely with other programmes such as ATI2 or the Growthhub who deliver invaluable business support related to business processes, intellectual property and core enterprise skills.

If we feel that you could benefit from working with other programmes that you may not yet be aware of, we will be sure to point you in their direction.

eHealth is a vast area, with many applications and end benefits. In particular, for this phase of our project, we welcome ideas that provide:

Better access to tech

Consider how to make technology more accessible to all; including differences in IT literacy, sight challenges, age or hearing loss

Better accesibility

Address difficulties of providing care in remote locations, such as telepresence or internet of things

Integrated Solutions

Integrate with existing systems, to either improve user experience, strengthen their use, or offer cost savings solutions to NHS Trust

Boosted Tech

Boost the tech sector in our region, including in robotics and devices.

Tech Communities

Innovations which address loneliness and isolation, and the strengthening of support networks and community