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Do you want to understand how to add value to your innovation?

Our team of researchers and academics at the University of Plymouth are on hand to help you develop your idea, understanding how to add value and learn more about obtaining evidence – all to help you grow and commission your idea!

The EPIC project is bolstered by the University of Plymouth’s Centre of Health Technology, which brings together digital health and technology expertise from across the University to drive the development, evaluation and implementation of innovative technologies, products, services and approaches to transform health and social care and create an economy of wellbeing.

Focusing principally on digitally-enabled innovations, our researchers work with a network of cross-sector partners, including NHS, industry, health and social care organisations and patient groups, to deliver research and development of international importance, enabled by the unique population and geographical characteristics of the South West region of England.

At EPIC, we can provide access to leading academics in the field of eHealth, as well as dedicated research associates who will work with you to design and implement academic, sector-specific expertise to boost the development of your innovation.

Each business is allocated a dedicated team, who will work with you to identify which type of support you would benefit from best, whether it is:

Sourcing and making sense of academic literature

What this could look like for you:

  • Exploring the benefits and barriers of a device being used within health and social care, to enable you to use the findings in a future funding application to highlight the potential benefits of the device but also the need to further develop the technology
  • Explore the literature to identify which validated tool would best measure an outcome (digital literacy, loneliness, anxiety levels). With your new knowledge you could then undertake an evaluation yourself using the tool

Designing, developing, and implementing evaluation strategies

What this could look like for you:

  • Guidance on what, as an innovator, you need to consider when designing an evaluation, covering points such as audience, ethics and data collection
  • Guidance on what you would need to consider when developing your evaluation, such as designing pilots
  • Guidance on and in undertaking implementation evaluations and impact assessments

Tailored guidance on usability

What this could look like for you:

  • Guidance on how to best capture the users’ experience in using health technology
  • Guidance on how to undertake usability testing

Tailored guidance on and/or facilitating co-design processes

What this could look like for you:

  • Guidance on co-design processes
  • Support in delivering co-design workshops

Support to identify patient or user groups who could potentially collaborate with your business and idea

Where possible, to identify, and broker introductions to other SMEs working within Cornwall that could be beneficial to you and your current project, with a view to collaborate

Contact us to discuss your bespoke support package with our team